The Cybersecurity Prep Planner

At IGI, we take on the complexity of cyber defense by helping you create a roadmap unique to your business. The Cybersecurity Prep Planner provides a starting point centered around best practices.

  • It provides a guide for everything from monthly security awareness training to annual pen tests.
  • It breaks down actionable tasks by how often they should be addressed – daily, monthly, quarterly and annually.


“Had we known how vulnerable we were, we would have called IGI to deal with the original attack on that day. I know that IGI would have prevented the second attack.”
Incident Response Client, Manufacturing
“It's very reassuring and helpful to have experts that don't want to just give you an answer and move on, but seem to be invested in the cybersecurity and overall well-being of the company.”
vCISO Client, Retail
“One phone call to IGI and within 5-10 minutes we were on call with the customer helping to resolve their issues. IGI jumped right into the situation, which was not a great situation.”

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